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LA VINE is a service provided by the LCLE in cooperation with the Louisiana Sheriffs' Association (LSA), Louisiana District Attorneys' Association (LDAA), and the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (DOC).

LA VINE will monitor the custody status of adult inmates in all parish jails and state prisons.  By calling our LA VINE LINE (866-LAVNS-4-U) or by accessing  our website at the above link, you may inquire about an offender's status and, optionally, register to be notified upon any change to that offender's custody status (i.e., release from jail, transfer to another facility, etc.). 

LA VINE is FREE to victims who may call it  ANONYMOUSLY and as often as  they wish to register or to determine an inmate's current status.


Compliance with Act 367 of the 2018 Louisiana Legislative Session

Reporting Person Ineligible to Purchase Firearm

Licensed dealers should do the following:
  1. Report to sheriff’s offices/departments as directed by law.
  2. Report ineligible purchase to the LAVNS/LA VINE program Coordinator
         Send to:  Marshall Menou –

For More Information or Agency Training:

Contact: Marshall Menou

Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement
602 North Fifth Street
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802







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